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Frequently Asked Questions

We have collected a list of the most frequently asked questions and answered them for your support. We’ll add more questions according to the customer’s feedback. Check back frequently Feel free to review the questions and let us know if you have anything in your mind. Contact our support team.

Do I start from the beginning, if I upgrade to a premium version?

When you upgrade to the premium version of a product, everything integrates smoothly with your free version. The PRO version will just add the extra features and your existing content won’t be lost.

Does the product come with the content of the demo?

.Yes, you don’t need to do from scratch. You can easily import dummy data from templates and components after installing our theme and Block Plugin.

How long can I use a theme?

You can use the free/premium themes as long as you wish to. However, your subscription for free updates lasts only for a year after the purchase. To know more, you can read the terms and conditions.

Is it possible to customize my website on both free & Premium Version?

If you are using our product, then we would happily help you customize your website. But remember, we only offer modifications that involve a few lines of codes or a few minutes of work. For new features and extra work, you need to hire our customizer team.